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    Spoilers: “Western Silver Lion Cub” lyrics. (They are now up on the discography section of this site.)

    So this song is out in Japan and I really wish it were available for everyone. It is really “New Terrain, Part 2”. Only about half the lyrics seem to make any sense whatsoever, and it’s because the other half are transcriptions of backwards lyrics. Reversing the song just gives you the same thing inverted, meaning half the lyrics are intelligible words, although mostly near-nonsense lyrics. So tell me, which lyrics were actually written first?

    I always thought there was something sort of fishy about the ending refrain of “My Complications” and now I understand why that is. It’s part of this song in reverse.

    • All I have been able to determine so far is that these two sections are inverse of each other:

      And you know I will be
      Missing you terribly
      Even when I thought you were
      But it’s hard when you go
      To get up, leaving home
      Even when I thought you were grown

      Oh and now we cough, young Ma-Mary
      Want to be part of this
      Are they the drugs we know?
      Now we cough, young Ma-Mary
      Keep the right medicine
      We could not
      I wish that

    • There are two sections of lyrics that seem like they are transcriptions of backwards lyrics, but when I reverse them I can’t hear anything specific. I mean, I seriously doubt Jonas would consciously write lyrics about “clubbing”. Even the title of this song seems like it could be something backwards.

      Oh it starts
      All dead cinder block ladies
      Always up to no good
      That’s okay
      Oh it’s dark
      Out at night on your skateboard
      Oooh belle!
      Shake, and I can roar

      It’s no use
      I just can’t stop clubbing
      Shake it all thru the night
      To the light
      Oh it’s dark
      All dead cinder block ladies
      Oooh belle!
      Heaven for a while

    • Asked a question about this backwards stuff on P6 Beat Elsker Mew and they answered! And apparently they do it a lot and the “Are you? My lady are you?” comes from this approach.

    • In the lyrics section on the site there is a mistake in the lyrics. The end of Western Silver Lion Cub has the lines:

      Walk out of this
      My youth

      By the end of the song. Byt in the lyrics they are missing. But I noticed they had been put in the end of the lyrics of “Drinking Soda”.

    • Wow, Mew really do have the best bonus tracks/b-sides. That was dope.