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    Consequence of Sound: A Conversation With Mew

    • Taking Johan’s “learning when enough is enough” monologue, we can understand that if Mew wrote an 11-minute song, it means that they think that it’s worth every moment. Much more excited now

    • i wonder if they played rock-paper-scissors before promoting the album and whoever loses shall be interviewed for a year. johan and jonas were unlucky

      • I think Jonas lost that one when he decided to become lead singer.

      • That’s the best explanation. Why are they always the interviewees? It always scares me that it may mean that Bo and Silas are less into it.

      • Johan was always good at interviewing. He and Jonas used to be at the forefront for a lot of them prior to him leaving.

        • Bo has been described as a “reluctant” spokesperson for the band after Johan left. It makes sense to have Jonas do most interviews since he’s the lead dude, but Johan is a chatty fellow and a good interview subject. Silas is clearly uncomfortable with a mic in front of him.

    • And I’m about to go crazy fangirl here, but Johan looks so elegant in that coat!