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    Re: The U.S. version of “The Killing” & @solieri ‘s original comment. (Please bear with my nitpicking.)

    This photo captures why the creative license of the show bugs me so much. On the left is a composite shot from the series. I can see at least three separate images put together but there are likely more. On the right is a real photo of Seattle taken from roughly the same angle (it’s as close as I could find with a quick search.) If she were really standing where she’s meant to be standing she would be on or near Harbor Island amidst a bunch of shipping containers in the middle of the Port of Seattle. Alki (the land mass to the left) would not be visible from that angle and there is definitely no grassy area where she could be standing. I see this view every day when I go to and from work so it bugs me a TON.

    I’m sure no one else cares but I had to get that out of my system. The show is great otherwise! 😀 thekilling

    Re: The U.S. version of “The Killing” & @solieri ‘s original comment. (Please
    • I get weirdly indignant about the same thing. There’s a Nic Cage movie that was filmed in the San Bernardino National Forest (where Lake Arrowhead is) and I couldn’t watch it without shrieking about the same thing that bugs you with The Killing.