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    • Or 15 if you’re in Japan.

      • I came across a listing for the Japanese release and it has the release date as 4/22 is this the correct date? I’m wondering if I should order it for the bonus track..even if it’s not here by the 28th, I still would have the digital from itunes. I’m just curious if 4/22 is right because if so maybe there’s a shot at me getting it before the North American version is available 😀

        • It is correct. Do you know of a way of ordering from iTunes Japan while in the US? If you do, please tell!

          • Sadly I don’t, this is for the physical copy. I’ll look into the itunes thing though, I seem to remember inpatient people using German itunes to get Transnational (VNV Nation’s most recent album) early so there must be some way to do it.

            • Ah, okay. iTunes Japan requires a Japanese credit card and billing address as far as I know. I have friends who buy from there but they have their Japanese friends & family send them Japanese gift cards to make that work. It’s a huge headache.

    • @webmaster Asked a friend who is somewhat of a weeaboo and buys Japanese pop music from itunes, she said she just orders the gift card from Japan-Codes to use with her itunes Japan account. However, she did say the registration process was a pain so it’s probably not worth the hassle when buying a physical copy from Japan is much easier. Are you wanting the itunes release because it’s earlier or for the bonus tracks? If I order the physical copy of it I can add the bonus songs to icloud even though they weren’t purchased through itunes because I have itunes match..maybe there’s a way to share libraries. Or so I’m hoping since I’m pretty sure my son was counting on swiping the new album from me without needing to sync to my computer.

    • 12 days until it’s out in Japan. We’re allowed to talk about it then, right?