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    Has anyone watched both The Killing and Forbrydelsen? The Killing was probably one of my favorite shows and I was thinking about trying to track down a subtitled Forbrydelsen..especially since The Killing was so rudely cancelled.

    • The original’s amongst my favourite TV series ever. Can’t speak for the remake…I imagine you’d know who the killer was , at least in the first series, but it’s good enough to want to watch it anyway. Captures of the BBC showings are available online.

      • Now that I am 13 episodes into the original..I’m going to say that I don’t know for sure who the killer is. If its the same as the remake, the motive is 100% different. Unlike Nanna..Rosie wasn’t assaulted or held captive. My thoughts so far are:
        Writing: Forbrydelsen is better, the remake took too many twists and turns. The original keeps you on your toes without useless red herrings.
        Characters: I like Holder better than Meyer but I love Lund so much. She’s strong but less brittle than Linden in the remake. I also like the Birk Larsens better than the Larsens and Troels better than the politician in the remake.
        As far as I’m concerned Linden and Holder are completely different people than Lund and Meyer who just worked a similar case in Seattle..so I can like them for different reasons than I do Lund (still no love for Meyer). I’m giving Forbrydelsen 10/10 and its a shame that American audiences are deemed too hurr durr to watch subtitled programming.

        • Keep enjoying! I won’t say much because it’d probably involve spoilers. But The Killing is so good.

          • OMG it is. I had people come by unexpectedly and I’ve been snarly that I had to pause. I’ve done nothing but binge on it for the last two days and after episode 10, the similarities to the US version stop and the MAYBE ITS HIM!! is weaved so subtly that who is eyed suspiciously varies from viewer to viewer. First I kept thinking “Jens is creepy..maybe its him” but now I’m eyeing Bremer’s press man who just “happened” to find documents that implicated Troels’ office paying Olav the money.. Its sure not Troels, the idea of Morten being the smooth and elusive Faust is laughable and given the conversation between Olav and Bremer, it would make sense. But I’m loving the mystery of it without it being try hard like our version was. I loved the US version and this is so different that I’m as enthralled by it and need to binge watch it just as I was with Linden and Holder’s Rosie Larsen case…maybe more so because of how sinister Nanna’s captivity and murder were..who the hell is that creepy AND trying to set up Troels?

    • I watched and liked both versions. I was a bit critical of the U.S. version because it takes place in Seattle and they used a bit too much creative license with the amount of rain here while switching around the geography on a whim. But it is quite good, I’m just super nitpicky about details like that.

      • Being really familiar with the Pacific Northwest I did notice that but a really weird thing happened, it seemed both summers when I watched it there’d suddenly be all this rainy weather here.. Like some Linden and Holder rain dance 😉