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    what’s your ultimate Mew setlist? here’s mine:

    1. Circuitry of the Wolf
    2. Why Are You Looking Grave?
    3. Apocalypso
    4. Special
    5. Zookeeper’s Boy
    6. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
    7. Symmetry
    8. She Spider
    9. Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
    10. Behind The Drapes
    11. Snow Brigade
    12. She Came Home For Christmas
    13. Am I Wry? No
    14. 156
    15. Web
    16. Wheels Over Me
    17. Wherever
    18. No Shadow Kick
    19. Panda
    20. Half The World Is Watching Me
    21. King Christian (new ver.)
    22. Quietly (old ver.)
    23. I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi
    24. Saliva-Mica (piano ver.)
    25. New Terrain/Nervous
    26. Introducing Palace Players
    27. Repeaterbeater
    28. Beach (long)
    29. Hawaii
    30. Tricks of the Trade
    31. Reprise
    32. Silas The Magic Car
    33. Vaccine
    34. Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy
    35. Cartoons and Macrame Wounds
    36. Do You Love It?
    37. A Dark Design
    38. Saviours of Jazz Ballet
    39. Forever and Ever
    40. Coffee Break
    41. Bamse (Bear)
    42. Louise Louisa
    43. Like Paper Cuts
    44. White Lips Kissed
    45. Comforting Sounds

    assuming all the band members have unlimited stamina and play all of those continuously

    • Might as well have just listed their whole discography judging by that setlist.

    • With minimal stage banter this would be a 210-minute show. Mew’s previous record in Helsinki was 123-minutes, so this would be considerably longer. But hey, if Bruce Springsteen can do 3,5hrs, why not? Bruce’s career longest show also was in the Finland capital (a whopping 4,5hrs). Helsinki has some weird magical power to keep artists on stage, it seems.

    • We should put a limit! I say 18 songs, and here’s mine:
      1. Circuitry of the Wolf
      2. Chinaberry Tree
      3. Introducing Palace Players
      4. Why Are You Looking Grave?
      5. Am I Wry? No
      6. 156
      7. An Envoy to the Open Fields
      8. Satellites
      9. My Complications
      10. Special
      11. The Zookeeper’s Boy
      12. The Changes medley
      13. Wherever (the Frengers version)
      14. My Complications
      15. Do You Love It?
      16.Rows (I don’t even know it, but… you know you’d do the same)
      17. Louise Louisa
      18. Comforting Sounds

    • 1. Circuity of the Wolf
      2. Chinaberry Tree.
      3. Why Are You Looking Grave?
      4. Am I Wry? No.
      5. 156
      6. Behind The Drapes.
      7. That Time On The Ledge
      8. Wheels Over Me
      9. Apocalypso
      10. The Zookeeper’s Boy
      11. Special
      12. A Dark Design
      13. An Envoy to the Open Fields
      14. Eight Flew Over, One was Destroyed.
      15. Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
      16. Silas the Magic Car
      17. Louise Louisa
      18. Comforting Sounds

    • Tried to put Jonas’ guitars in bundles, using many audience favourites, but 18 is tough now. They did 20-22 songs in November.

      1. Comforting Sounds
      — 1st ENCORE
      2. That Time on the Ledge
      3. Making Friends
      4. The Zookeeper’s Boy
      5. Behind the Drapes
      6. Circuitry of the Wolf
      7. Chinaberry Tree
      8. My Complications
      9. New Terrain (new)
      10. Special (long)
      11. Clinging To A Bad Dream
      12. Am I Wry? No
      13. 156
      14. Panda
      15. Satellites
      16. Introducing Palace Players
      17. Reprise
      —2nd ENCORE
      18. Rows

    • Honestly, I’d love to see them play ATGHK from start to finish.

      As for dream setlist. Gonna have to dwell on that for a bit.

      • I tried to do a (kind of) realistic one for the tour to come…I know I cheated a bit to bring it down to 18 😉

        01. Satellites
        02. My Complications
        03. Am I wry? No
        04. 156
        05. Water Slides
        06. Beach
        07. Hawaii
        08. Snow Brigade
        09. Apocalypso/Saviours of Jazz Ballet
        10. Clinging to a Bad Dream
        11. Witness
        12. Circuitry of the Wolf/Chinaberry Tree
        13. New Terrain
        14. Rows
        15. Special
        16. The Zookeeper’s Boy
        17. Behind the Drapes
        18. Comforting Sounds

        I think I’d be pretty pleased with this, though I’d die for Louise Louisa & An Envoy to the Open Fields…

    • For me it’s songs I haven’t heard live..
      That Time On The Ledge
      In Time do You Forget
      Swimmer’s Chant
      Plus favorites like
      Chinaberry Tree
      White Lips Kissed
      Comforting Sounds
      Louise Louisa
      She Came Home For Christmas
      Cartoons and Macrame Wounds
      New Songs:
      Night Believer
      Water Slides
      Songs I’ve heard live but are on my boyfriend’s wishlist:
      She Spider
      Snow Brigade
      Apocalypso with the Special interlude

      • I may actually give up on Special for the Apocalypso + Special version. The rhythm is amazing and Jonas kills it.

        • Same here so I’ll substitute the new version of New Terrain in it’s place. My setlist was in no particular order.. I should rearrange it 🙂

    • 01 Comforting Sounds
      02 Circuitry of the Wolf
      03 Chinaberry Tree
      04 Witness
      05 Introducing Palace Players
      06 Silas the Magic Car
      07 Am I Wry? No
      08 156
      09 White Lips Kissed
      10 Panda
      11 Wherever
      12 Satellites
      13 My Complications
      14 Making Friends
      15 Clinging to a Bad Dream
      16 She Came Home for Christmas
      17 Rows

      18 Special (Extended)
      19 Louise Louisa