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    Factoid: The beatboxing on Making Friends was recorded by Jonas on his iPhone. Apparently. Allegedly.

    • I’d really like to see a video of what he looked like doing this.

    • source?

      • Jonas himself. Gustav asked him after the show in Paris. Source: I was there too.

        • Should we give away any more of our scoops?

          • yes please!

          • Yeah, go for it. I think we asked a few questions people here wanna know the answers to.

            • It was good teamwork, despite me being so spaced out and finding the whole thing surreal.

            • It was. I wouldn’t have been able to keep the conversation going and asking questions on my own..

            • I discovered that I am I an embarrassing fanboy, who knows them too well. At one point I knew something Jonas didn’t, and I seemed to know the chord progressions for +- better than him. I feel like I should go on Mastermind with Mew as my specialist subject. Also, next time I meet them I’m going to play it cool, promise.

            • Don’t worry we all know way too much about these guys.. I think the key is to pretend to know less than you do (or just being sufficiently drunk).

              Plus I would totally watch that programme.

            • I forgot to pretend at all. Incredibly embarrassing, but a fun experience. I’m not sure if the BBC would allow Mew as a specialist subject because no one would understand, but maybe I should apply.

            • It was really fun. I don’t think you did anything embarrassing. And Jonas must have enjoyed himself otherwise he would just have left after the initial round of questions and pictures.

            • Yeah he seemed to be enjoying it all. He’s built up some confidence and sociability over the years.