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    When’s the next album out then?

    • So I got bored doing statistics while listening to Mew, so I decided to do my best to answer your question (studying engineering will do this to you, sorry). I made this plot fitting models to previous waiting times and found following expected answers.

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      Simple linear model (blue): 5.7 years, so out in 2021
      Exponential model (red) which gave a better fit: 6.9 years, so out in 2022
      Simple linear model disregarding waiting times for Half the World and Frengers (green): 8 years, so out in 2023

      All in all, in the beginning of the next decade.

    • Never, thats it. Wrap it up folks. Forums over.

      • Nah, but in all seriousness. Hopefully a lot sooner than it took this one to come out but at the same time I hope they don’t rush it. 2 years would be nice.

        • After throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this album, it’d be quite cool if they made something which was just the four of them jamming within the next couple of years.

          • I agree. Knowing that Mew are a band who often like to push themselves in the opposite directions of previously covered ideas, it would be nice if they did something really fast… Something not overly considered, where they simply write some songs when the inspiration strikes, and record them and put it out there. Something more impulsive and reckless. They can afford to do that. If their fans can wait 6 years for +-, then Mew’s career can survive an impulsive addition to the discography.

            Anyhow. That doesn’t matter. We have this album to enjoy.

    • Maybe they drop one of those “out of the blue” albums that are so popular nowadays! I surely miss the sensory spaces trailer song!