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    Most overrated Mew song ever? For me it’s The Zookeeper’s Boy. Quite clumsy lyrics, clunky chord progressions in the verse and chorus. “Santa Ana winds” is the best bit.

    • definitely Am I Wry.
      i think overrated doesn’t mean it’s not good, it still is, but way too many people talked about it.

      • Wholeheartedly agree about Am I Wry and Zookeeper’s Boy although I do love that last verse of:
        “Are you my lady, are you?
        The rain, the rain, the rain is falling down
        The cars remain
        I could not be seen with you
        Working half the time and looking fine
        In cars re-made”
        how they each sing different lines simultaneously. I think Symmetry is pretty overrated as well. Lyrically I do like it but to me Becky’s vocals don’t add much to the song especially since the lyrics seem odd coming from a 14 year old. (unpopular opinion I know)

    • I feel that way about Eight Flew Over One was Destroyed. Especially seeing it listed in so many of the ultimate setlist posts. That’s a live show throw away song as far as I’m concerned. Lyrically I like it..musically I don’t.

      • eight flew over? wow. and to think it’s one of their best…
        if it was me, i would love to throw am i wry-special-zookeeper away for that song

        • “Wry” only made my setlist as a pity offering for my boyfriend..otherwise I’d leave it off too. Zookeeper I also won’t cry if I never hear it live again. I do listen to 8 flew over when I play the album and it is on my spotify Mew super playlist because lyrically I DO like it..I just don’t feel it musically.

    • *cough*… Comforting Sounds …*cough*

      • You seem to have a bit of a cough. Get well soon!

      • dude comforting sounds is the king of all songs. even i wouldn’t dare to say it’s overrated. I know a guy who did, he went straight to hell

        • Dont get me wrong, it is a good song and a really good album closer! But it is also 8+ minutes of minimal change. I dont think this qualifies it as encore of encores at almost every concert for the past 10+ years. I like that Mew uses album closers as concert encores but I feel bad for Louise Louisa and Reprise that they havent been given the attention they deserve.

    • Might be my favourite song of all time. It sounds so wrong, but it feels so right.

    • Agree with you on Zookeeper’s Boy being overrated.

    • For me, I would have to say ‘Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy’. When No More Stories was released, I hated it… sounded like Passion Pit, or something equally as awful, with Sesame Street kids choir… Nowadays, I can just about tolerate it.

      • That being said, I sometimes enjoy the “I’m lost in your doubt, scrolling scrolling scrolling..” part.

        • I HAAAAAATE the first minute of Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy but I like the song. I really like the Mexico version we got for Christmas but I need to run it through Audacity so I can add the “Safety net I regret I am shaky (we know you are) I am shaking” part to the end. I don’t know why but I just love that part.