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    Most underrated Mew song ever? For me either Vaccine (probably the best song on NMS) or Killer, which I like in part because of the slasher tropes in the lyrics (and also the lyric “from your voice I fashion a snow sled”…dunno why).

    • picking an underrated song from an underrated band is kinda hard

      Vaccine already taken so I’m gonna go with Watch This Space.

    • Killer, A Dark Design, Half the World is Watching Me, An Envoy to the Open Fields… too hard to decide.

    • Tricks of the Trade!!!!!!!!

    • That time on the ledge!

    • And of course, Say You’re Sorry.

    • Web (Possibly my favorite song. A Triumph for Man is generally underrated), Like Paper Cuts, Reprise, Say You’re Sorry, An Envoy to the Open Fields, Like Chaser, 156 (HTWIWM-version), Drown. And oh, the last piano part with Jonas of Her Voice is Beyond Her Years from HTWIWM.

    • IMO, the most underrated Mew song is probably A Dark Design. The guitar playing changed my worldview.

      • I didn’t really like it that much, at least not as much as other songs, until I learnt to play it. That’s happened with other Mew songs too.

      • I agree – ‘A Dark Design’ is highly underrated. It’s one of the best songs on ‘…Kites’, I think.

    • Very difficult question to answer. Watch This Space is a good shout as I love the song but until it was just mentioned here I had completely forgotten about it.

      Most of their B-sides don’t really get talked about as much these days but quite a few of them are Mew’s best work. I really love ‘Drown’ but I rarely here it mentioned or given the praise it truly deserves.

    • Quietly? Short and sweet.

    • Cartoons and Macrame Wounds. It wasn’t until I heard it live that I fell in love with it..now its the one song from NMS that I really love. I don’t think That Time on The Ledge gets as much love as it deserves either.

      • Cartoons really is underrated, thankfully they already played it live once

        • I got lucky. The first time they played it live was the show I was at in Costa Mesa 🙂 It gave me a new appreciation for it and now I play it all the time.

    • I agree that Cartoons and Macrame Wounds is really being underrated. That Time on The Ledge is lovely though, I would love to hear them playing it within songs like Bones & Saliva as acoustic medley sessions.

      • Noooooooo.. that’s the one song I don’t want shortened into a medley. It’s one of my favorites plus it has special nostalgic meaning for me. I would however LOVE a Louise Louisa/In Time Do You Forget medley.

        • Ah, I thought That Time on The Ledge could fix in a medley well though, but yes I won’t like it being shortened if it means a lot to me.