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    Hej danskere,

    Just realised I don’t really know maths terminology in Danish. How do you say the following:


    In English you’d probably say “open bracket four times (or multiplied by) three close bracket divided by six equals two” or just “brackets four times three divided by six equals two”.

    • I would probably say “parentes start, fire gange tre, parentes slut, divideret med seks lige med to”!

      • How do you say “squared” (like 3 squared is nine), “square root” (the square root of 9 is three), and “to the power of” (eg 2 to the power of 4 is 16)?

    • What if the power isn’t 2? Would say, “3 i syvende” mean “3 to the power of 7″? And how do you say “to the power of x”?

      • Yes you would say “3 i syvende” or alternatively “3 opløftet i syv”. Though the second example is more often used for longer powers or x. So “to the power of x” would be “opløftet i x”.

      • Tak danske frengers. Så er lektionen slut, for nu i hvert fald!