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    Mew – ‘+ -‘

    This review express almost exactly how i feel about the album. For me its a 8.0 of 10.

    Because, no more for me brought Mew to a new level, it was superb, and for me a classic, + – its very good but in general losts the magic of his predecessor. Maybe the next one will be more complex. But for now lets enjoy + – ^^

    • Yeah, I feel pretty similar about it too… I heard Johan say in one of the interviews that what he was listening to a lot was actually Mew’s back catalogue, getting re-acquainted, and I thought that was interesting. I see how their work now is ‘looking back’ a bit…I think it’s good though! Although I’m not sure if Rows experiments enough to justify its long running time, though it does have some great moments…

      • Yeah I do understand that feeling. As far as some tracks are well produced still something missing, its that the progression of the song doesn’t convince, yeah there are great details in songs like Rows or Clinging but the progression of them are just not so… Natural, doesn’t actually feels thaaat right. I mean I like them a lot but is just not like something ruge for me. I guess they worked a lot on one element/instrument, brought many details but over little elements. If you think tracks like Cartoons from no more you can see that there is a difference, Cartoons sounds natural on the progression and doesn’t repeat the exactly same way, Rows on the other hand has a lot of details on the guitar, but doesn’t bring much things and the progression seems a little repetitive, goes back and forth. The Last part of Rows its the part that I think its amazing and flawless, it seems right. On general I like it but I think Clinging its way better but has some similar problems but much less. Satellites is the song on the entire album that bring the right balance for me, the perfect balance on experimentation and something easier. I Think its the best music on the album, and Clinging its almost hauahuah. Satellites sounds like a no more simpler but still awsome =P. Sorry about my english.
        The thing with Rows that you said is this thing that Im trying to say, its like, not that the song doesn’t experimets enough but the progression of the experimetation on the song doesnt feel right like Reprise, Cartoons of even Hawaii I guess. And I miss more elements, new things. Ok thats it =P

    • It’s ok. It’s an ok album. And, sadly, that’s not what I need from Mew after more than half a decade.

      There’s nothing I skip on Frengers, Kites or No More Stories, but this one is chock full of skippables.

      The only ones I’m still interested in hearing at the moment are Clinging To A Bad Dream, Interview The Girls, and Rows. Although I do like Making Friends, I think they shot themselves in the foot by releasing it so early, as most of the fan base are probably bored of it by now.

      Ah well, hopefully they’ll release something a bit less all over the place in another six years. This one just doesn’t feel cohesive.

      • Well I don’t think its a ok album haha. Ok album is like 5 of 10 or 6,5 of 10. I do Think as an album that + – is better than Kites or even Frengers, AS AN ALBUM, but its not something that I think ”Wooow this is incredible” My thing with Kites is I think that just the first half is pretty cool. But Still No more Stories is flawless and bring a sound way mature than the previous.

    • Finally got to hear the album. I definitely like +- a whole lot more than No More Stories – at least initially. Satellites, Witness, Making Friends, CTABD, My Complications, CTROYO are the standout tracks for me.

      • Yeah I know the feeling. I hope that for you this feeling doesn’t fade quickly hauhau ^^. The thing with + – for me is that I got tired fast of it. I mean Without Clinging Satellites and Making Friends especially

    • This is only my initial judgement, but for now I feel like this album is a 3.5/5. It has some songs which I think are really great or at least very good and stand strongly in Mew’s history (Clinging to a Bad Dream, Rows, Interview the Girls) as well as others which I do enjoy (Satellites, My Complications). I enjoy all the tracks, in their own ways, but to be honest I feel that the rest of album is somewhat – unconvincing. Something doesn’t seem right to me. There is some quality missing. As if Mew didn’t feel convinced whilst recording them, or if the songs themselves don’t work and have weaker sections. Perhaps they are all great songs, but I am not opening myself up enough to hearing their full potential yet, or am digesting it in a superficial way. I am not sure. But as it currently stands, this album is good, and I am pleased that the reunited Mew are back, but I think this album is not what I was hoping for after 6 years, and at this stage in Mew’s career. There is some confusion in my mind, about how Mew are re-energised, yet this album doesn’t quite have the impact I expected. Perhaps hearing a large number of the new songs before they were recorded and released has made it slightly anti-climactic. I do think that Mew can follow this up with some stronger material and do it a lot sooner than we have previously had to wait. My initial views now are of course subject to changing as I listen to it more and more.

      • Yeah, I guess Satellites, Clinging, Making Friends Witness and Rows are the best. Because the actually bring something interesting, I’d say that witness is the more Straightforward from those, Witness sounds like repeaterbeater but simpler haha. My complications is great but I don’t know there is something in this one that really bugs me, its like ”wooow this track could be so much better”

    • Definitely better than Frengers (haha take that, Frengers-lovers). And I’ve only heard through about 3 times! Will not be giving any stars or points before I feel like I know each song very well!

      • I love Frengers. Frengers made Mew the band they are today. Kites was a cool concept, but only a few of the songs actually reached the heights of the songs on Frengers… And I’ll say, PlusMinus is the best collection of songs Mew has released since Frengers.

        I have been swinging from not bothering with Night Believer and Making Friends, to appreciating their simplicity and addition on the album.

        … If I have to be all marketing and competition like. I think the approachable songs are on PlusMinus will be the most important. Night Believer, Satellites, Making Friends, Water Slides and Interview can all easily be played on Radio world wide. Giving Mew much needed exposure to the masses.
        Think about it, Mew is a true independant band now. On Big Label Sony, they could get away with No More Stories complexity, since Sony would still back it with high marketing budgets. IPP, Beach and Repeter videos sure don’t look as cheap as Satellites does.

        I personally could never really decide what I thought of No More Stories. It was too “weird” for the lack of a better term. It’s not that I dislike it. Play numbers reflects this quite well: Take Last.fm as an example: http://www.last.fm/music/Mew/+albums
        Stories has 1/3 of the amount of listeners that Kites and Frengers. I will be interested to see how PlusMinus does in listeners. Would not be surpriced if it started competing with the oldies 🙂

        • I think No more stories is an album that is misunderstood. Its an album that its not for the masses, and that’s what I like on it, there is songs made for masses, like beach or repeater but they still kind different and well worked, they still bring something new, and that is where the magic is for me, sound more interesting. I Think No more will be maybe for many fans well understood in other time ahead, maybe somebody will pick it up, listen and say… wow I didn’t remeber that this was sooo good hauahuah, For me takes 6 times to really like for real no more. I like music that sound more interesting and at the same time not sooo fuc@#$% complex. Its differente in one hand, easy on other. Plus Minus is 80% easy, 20% complex. No more 50/50.
          Well that’s how I feel about it. Im not judging anyone ^^