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    I know Rows was the big song we were all intrigued by…. But am I the only one who can’t stop listening to Clinging to a Bad Dream over and over again?

    That hook stuck with me from first listen and it has been stuck ever since!

    • I was just about to post this!!! The hook is one of the best on the album. When he sings “different” I shiver. every time

    • am i the only one who thinks the intro sounds like the song Boy?

      • It definitely does.

        • Which part of Boy are you hearing? Other than some reference to a mother I can’t really hear it.

          Does seem like the songs theme is about lost dreams. The sort of dreams you had or have during a classic midlife crisis or something.
          For me Boy sounded like a freudian song 😛

    • I’m having trouble deciding which song is my favorite from this album, but this song feels the most Mew-ish to me so it’s a top contender for me.

      • For me too, but there are a few.

      • I’m having a hard time picking a favourite at the moment. I’m going to need to give the whole thing a few more listens but Rows is probably my favourite. Also, Satellites and Making Friends are really good but I’ve listened to them to death prior to hearing the full album so I want to give them a break and then come back to them.

    • I feel the same – while Rows is draining me, Clinging To A Bad Dream is captivating me, just stunning. And the amazing rhythm shit they are doing playing with triplets in the 6/8 bars feels crazy inspired (even if it’s not… well, I find it heaps fun)!

      @shadow47 you mention ‘Boy’… I think you’re onto something there… But really I still think they’ll release Boy as a bonus track later, or as part of a companion EP (my deep hope… ‘PLUS MINUS PLUS’, ANYONE?)

      • yeah it’s considered a crime to not releasing that song, they’ll probably will change the name and make it a bit longer

    • “Interview the Girls” actually made the most impact on my first listen, among the songs we hadn’t heard before. Totally didn’t expect that. “Rows” is awesome too, of course, but ITG eclipses Clinging for me at the moment.

    • Wow.. I’m amazed so many aren’t thrilled by Rows. I created a profile only for the purpose of telling how insane that track is!

      I get goosebumps each time I hear it. I know it’s early, but definetely a contender to become my new favorite track in front of Comforting Sounds. From 05.00 untill 10.43 is just magnificent in my opinion. Escpecially the very last part.

      Great community btw 🙂

      • Fear not, it’s my favourite too. Like a weird mix of Comforting Sounds, Louise Louisa and Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy. Completely awesome.

      • some people don’t like long songs, because most of them are usually repetitive. Rows isn’t, and it’s a really good one.

      • Rows is my absolute favourite. It’s really tied with Comforting Sounds.

    • My top3 is propably

      1. Cross the River on Your Own 2. Water Slides 3. Satellites

      But for the first time in Mew album history, I immediately LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG.

    • I keep lidtening to CTABD too! It is amazing! I just love The kites part og the guitar riff where The drums chances The rythm (if you know what i mean)