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Hello everyone!
This is a little hard for me to put into words and relive sometimes but Mew has been a strength for my life for as long as (or as much as) I can remember. I found out about them back in the days of MySpace, when I was surfing the internet through slow and teeth grinding dial-up connection. Instantly, I fell in love with the music, the mystery and the art that they represented. Ever since then, I have called myself a fan– or Frenger as I later learned the term.
Their music has always been a distraction from the many things I could no longer handle in my life. When I lived with an abusive family, I remember spending a lot of time putting on my headphones and playing Mews’ music whenever anything bad happened to me or bad things were happening around me. Anytime I felt like crying, their music was what I listened to.
For a year and a half  I was homeless and living out of my car and I remember holding onto their music like it was my only prized possession, it really almost was. I’d listen all night on repeat after working all day, dreaming to see the band one day. Eventually, I got myself up again, living happy for a few months. I even got to get into art school but I ended up falling right into abusive  a relationship as soon as my second semester started and had to drop out. Again, I would fall back onto listening to Mew. Those were probably the harder years of my life, feeling completely useless and a failure, but I got out.
At that point in my life, I was so angry and I couldn’t find myself to trust people. It was so hard because while I was free from things that hurt me and I was stable, I couldn’t find myself to like who I had become. Then one day I found, “No More Stories…” was released and it felt like a sign to me that I needed to purchase it. It shattered me, gave me feeling and dreams again.
I’m always fighting a battle with myself but I’ll always have this music to remind me that I can conquer the darkest parts in my mind. I’ll be  working on my dreams of becoming an illustrator and going back to art school in December!
Mew has always symbolised an art of beauty, strength and the journey I’ve had to go through. They’re a band I could really never forget.

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Jade Elizabeth Nguyễn

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