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    Just found these:

    (For everyone who understands Swedish…
    “From sex maniacs to world’s best Mew” 😀 ) :


    Another Witness-live. I still can’t listen to this song without some bitter sweet sadness crawling to my soul.. :’)

    • Aino replied
      5 years ago

      And audio from the same event:


      That was quite nice interview, I think. Much longer than they did in YleX and you can hear that the radio host is quite into Mew as well… 🙂 Don’t know why I didn’t search for these earlier as I knew they visited other medias too, than YleX…

      Pps. I’m so happy about today’s announcement – they are coming to play almost in my neighborhood in July! (I live quite near Ruissalo where Ruisrock is held. <3)

      • Good one. I had lost hope on this radio channel already. It was posted just last week, but better late than never.

        See you at Ruisrock. I used to live in Patterihaka, so I also was once just a walking distance from Ruissalo island. It is a lovely place.

        • Aino replied
          5 years ago

          Three months? Isn’t that made the same day as they were on YleX?

          So you are “turkulainen” as well, nice! 🙂 (Just kidding. Even I wouldn’t describe myself as “turkulainen” even though I have lived here most of my life.. )

          • I edited my comment. I thought this was the other interview, but it was still later than YleX thing. I’m definitely “turkulainen” by heart, but I live in Helsinki.

      • That’s funny how Jonas talks about why he ended up singing so high. I’d not heard about that til that Musikprogrammet show I translated. Also cool how they played such a big part in the mixing process.

    • Nice Witness. Finns have to stop keeping stuff like this hidden for long… And about Sex Maniac:

      Bo: “I should still have the recording somewhere, maybe we release it some day.”

      Jonas: “Maybe not.”


      • Aino replied
        5 years ago

        Ok! So there is still something that they haven’t put on internet… o_O Yeah, definitely Finns (X3M) have to stop keeping Mew-stuff hidden.

        Can’t wait to hear Sex Maniac some day! 😀 (*fingers crossed*)

      • You can’t view the Witness video abroad. I’d like to see it.

        • Aino replied
          5 years ago

          Well that’s a shame.. :/ Have you used Hola? If you download that to your chrome-browser and then watch it like you’d be in Finland.

          I’d like to save those videos from ylex and x3m to my computer so that they would be safe as someday they’re not there anymore, but I don’t know how that would be possible…

          • Hola works to the point where the site thinks I’m in Finland, but the video still won’t load. Thanks for the Hola tip anyway. It should be useful.

    • That wad a really Hood interview! 15 mumin mugs!!! Daym. I dont even know if i want to hear sex maniac….

      • Aino replied
        5 years ago

        15 is quite good number of moomin mugs! I’d like to know witch ones he owns. When I was in Singapore last year I bought and sent a moomin mug from there to my friend as a birthday gift. I hope when Mew goes to Singapore (/Asia), Jonas finds one from there too… <:) Because those that they sell there are different than Arabia’s mugs and pretty nice too… 🙂

        • I have Arabia plates (they are high quality), but I stay away from Moomin mugs. They are 20€ for ONE, the cheapest editions. Some cost thousands on eBay. Well, I used to have one, but I gave it to a foreign friend.

    • There was also a Jonas+Johan interview from Tavastia (November 2014) that many may have missed: http://www.voice.fi/audiovideo/musiikki/50/13523