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    Finally I get myself here to write about last Tuesday …

    (Sorry for misspells and that sort of stuff, I’ll try to describe everything as well as I can… <:) )

    So last Tuesday was the day when I and three other frengers got to meet Jonas and Bo at YleX radio station, after winning a competition where they asked Mew-related questions.
    When we arrived at the studio we saw that Bo and Jonas were already there and making sound checks etc. It felt weird when YleX-stuff just took photos of us, and Bo and Jonas just walked behind them… x) Soon Bo came to say hello to us and we talked a little bit. Mostly about candies… 😀 He told us as story (which sort of sounded like some urban legend but I hope it's real!) about his friend who had worked as a cleaner to some old granny who had always offered some hazel nuts. He hadn't taken them but one day he asked that ”You seem to like hazel nuts?” and granny had replied ”No, I don't. I just really like Toffifees….” 😀
    Bo seemed to like Finnish candies. And with candies, you also have to have a ”plus-minus-thing”… You can't eat two sweet ones together, you might wanna mix sweet ones with coffee, or with some salty ones (as we do in Finland with salmiakki). Everything in life is ”plus-minus”, even with candies! 😉

    I was wearing my Mew-earrings I had made just the night before and Bo noticed them right away and asked me to bring that kind of earrings to him next time we meet… 🙂 Bo was really easy to talk with and I think he made us four a little less nervous with his stories.

    Atmosphere at YleX was very warm and I could even say somewhat ”loving”. <3 All of the YleX-members there seemed to be Mew-fans as well as they were as exciting as us ”competition winners”.

    Then they went to do the interview and right after they came to play Witness. It was really exciting and all of us felt so happy to sit there, just the four of us, in front of Mew as they played. But I have to say.. The situation was so, kind of surreal, that it was hard to ”be in the moment” and the sounds were (of course) meant to sound good on the radio, not there at that place, so right after they finished I didn't have much to say about the song, except that it made me feel myself kind of fragile and sentimental. At home when I listened it again it sounded oh-so-good, much better than at the studio! The fragile-feeling just got deeper. I love it when a song can take you to somewhere deep inside without you even knowing why an how! And when I saw the video which YleX made of the whole thing, it almost brake my heart because of the melancholic/wistful/Mew-longing-feeling (that is an actual feeling, I know you know that.. 🙂 ) it made me feel. Made me see the whole thing in a different angle and almost like living it again. I'm so glad they made the video, it's a really nice concrete-memento (this probably isn't a usable word here, but you get the idea..) from the whole day. (Although I actively try to forget how stupid I look in it… but that is so not important… 🙂 )

    After they had played there was a kind of ”what-will-happen-next”-feeling floating in the air. Then someone mentioned something about playing another song and Bo grabbed his guitar and started playing some old song. Jonas seemed a bit unsure about it, but joined Bo and started to sing something like ”I don't remember the lyrics to this soooong….” etc. 🙂

    I have a clip of it and could download it here, if it is somehow possible…?

    Then we talked something about how they make really great, big songs. And then some really short ones too. ”Plus-minus-thing”, again.. 😉 I asked if the longest song of ”+-” is the last one and Jonas told that actually no, but in LP-version it is. They had to chance the order of the songs because ”Rows” is so long that it took the other side of the LP alone.

    It's a shame they didn't play any other song fully, I obviously could have sit there for hours listening to them play… 🙂

    Then many pictures were taken, us individually with Jonas and Bo, all of us together, hosts of YleX with them… And Jonas also wanted one picture to be taken with his phone and later the photo ended to their instagram and twitter accounts… That was a nice thing to do and it felt good… 🙂 One can guess our feelings from the big smiles we have in that picture.

    I asked when they are coming to play in Finland next time… Jonas wasn't allowed to mention exactly when and where, but I understood that we can expect them to come here sometime during summer… Yay!

    Quite soon they were ready to leave and they were taken to have dinner at some place. We shared our thank-yous and waved goodbyes.

    So it was quite a short meeting but definitely worth going there. My ”image” of them didn't fell apart (I was actually a bit concerned about it) but just got better. Bo was so nice and Jonas felt as fairy-tale-like as I was imaged before. Just didn't think he would feel like that in person but he did! And that is definitely a good and adorable thing! <3

    Thank you so much Bo and Jonas! And also Viia and Hanna for sharing this thing with me. <3 Hope to see all of you somewhere again!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was fun to live through you vicariously! I too am glad they made the video so we can all see. And the whole thing about watching yourself in a video, just watch it so many times you stop seeing that person as yourself and it won’t bug you anymore! (I did that with the video of myself meeting the band when I was stupidly nervous and it worked.)

      As for posting the video, if you upload to youtube first, you can just copy/paste the URL here and it should just show up.

      • Aino replied
        5 years ago

        Hahaha, that’s a good advice, I’ll try that! 😀

        And will upload the video asap too..

        Is it possible to download many pictures here at once, or just each one individually? I have few photos that I could share.

    • Aino replied
      5 years ago

      Here are the whole 42 seconds of it… I didn’t want to focus on filming any longer… 🙂
      Does anyone recognize this?

    • Ruisrock announces first bands this Wednesday morning. I am expecting Mew to be on there, but that is just a guess.