• Aino posted an update in the group Group logo of FAN GURLZFAN GURLZ 5 years ago

    Omg! I need to “fan girl” a little bit now, and because I’m alone at this moment I had to come here!

    Yesterday I won a competition at YleX (finnish radio station) and I will get to see Mew next Tuesday performing in YleX’s studio. I already managed to calm myself but just got mail from YleX and got all excited again and merely can stay still now!

    I haven’t written here before (mostly because usually I am too insecure writing in English), but now I want to say “Hi!” to all you frengers out there. I don’t have any close-friends who are so into Mew than I am, so I’m glad that I can read your stuff and feel the enthusiasm here.

    Because, like I said, I don’t have any big Mew-enthusiasts in my closest circle, I’m happy to share this thing even with some strangers (or frengers, of course)… I asked the girl, with who I had the competition yesterday (btw, are you here somewhere?), to join me and because Venla (host of the radio show) was so excited that I wanted my competitor with me, she just shouted that “Come, all of you, and bring your friends too!” 😀

    Soon a girl from Tampere quite randomly sent a message to me and asked if I happen to be the one who won the competition and would it be anyhow possible to join me to this YleX-thing. Of course I said yes. She told me she had notes and everything when she was preparing herself to the competition. And like me, she hadn’t got tickets to Tavastia-gig last fall.

    So now I’m going there and really looking foreward to share this thing with three true-frenger… And Jonas and Bo! Omg!!

    *a little bit jumping and screaming here*

    Ps. And this is _not_ supposed to sound bragging or anything even close to that, I’m just so excited and in need to someone to share it with! <3

    • Kanin replied
      5 years ago

      Sounds like a first Mew-gig as well? Either way, have fun 😛

      • Aino replied
        5 years ago

        😀 Actually no, I’ve seen them once, in Stockholm in November.
        (Ok, twice, but the first one doesn’t count because it was on a big summer festival and I just sat alone in almost empty beer-area, drunken and sad and I could only see the lights of the show while listening the music and could only dream of a sober-state among good friends on the first row… o:) So, Stockholm was the actual first one.. 😉 )

        But thanks, I will!

    • Congratulations, you lucky girl!

    • When is that acoustic set? I think I might be busy when it’s on…hope someone records it.