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    MewXclusive: If there’s a question you’d like to ask from Mew, comment here below. State your first name, home city and country… and then ask the question. I can’t tell you anything else at this point. Just collecting questions and maybe yours will be answered. Hint: you should probably stay away from questions they have already been asked over and over again.

    THIS IS FOR REGISTERED MEMBERS, so we will not advertise this on social medias at all.

    • Ann – Seattle, WA, USA – How much of “Clinging to a Bad Dream” was inspired by “Twin Peaks”?

    • Keir – Cardiff , Wales, UK – How did the idea of a reversible track like ‘New Terrain/Nervous’ and more recently ‘Western Silver Lion Cub’ come about?

    • Odua – Bekasi, Indonesia – Dear Mr. Bjerre, i’m a fan of your side projects such as Apparatjik and the Skyscraper Soundtrack. How much they contributed to the making of Mew’s ‘Plus Minus’?

    • Gustav – London, England – Hi Silas, which drummers would you say have influenced your playing the most across Mew’s discography, and how did you find coming up with drum parts for + – without your trademark time signature changes? How did you try to keep it interesting?

    • Maja – Kolding – Danmark:
      Is My Complications about having a child?

    • Agnes – Copenhagen, Denmark – You have previously told about how you reverse melodies and lyrics because maybe they sound good that way too. Do you have any other untraditional tricks you tend to try just to see how it goes?

    • Stefano (Melbourne, Australia): Do you often read reviews of your work, restrict yourselves to certain ones, or try to steer clear altogether? How much value do you tend to put on what reviewers say, whether positive or negative? What function do you think reviews serve?

    • Hey Tero, how long is this post going to be open for questions?

    • Dave – Helsinki, Finland:

      Cause of sleepless nights:

    • Troll – the internetz – What does the hidden secret behind 156?


      In all seriousness:
      Thomas – Glasgow, UK.
      There’s been a lot of interpretations on many of your songs. Assuming you have read/heard quite a few throughout the years, can you recall some of your favourite interpretations or maybe some really far out funny ones?

    • Kristian – Odense, Denmark

      Very specific question!

      Which part came first, the chorus in “Western Silver Lion Cub” or the outro in “My Complications” ?!

    • Anali – Mexico City

      Hi guys, some time ago you did this beautiful japanese version of White Lips Kissed that I really love a lot, you would like to do another whole song (or version of a song) in a different language? what are those (languages) that would be interesting to you for the matter?

    • I am gonna go on a limb and ask a second question:
      If you (Mew) were to do a cover, “Mew-ify” the song so to speak, which song would you choose?

      Silly extension: Add the limitation: The song has to be a world wide radio hit. Which do you think would fit best? (Think, along the lines of “Sexy and I know it” or “gangnam style”, so fourth)

    • Ilai – Tel Aviv, Israel – Jonas, how do you go about expressing parts of yourself in the lyrics, knowing that the whole world will be able to hear it? I know that your lyrics have an incredibly personal aspect at times, and I was wondering how you feel about exposing that.

    • I think they chose 7-8 questions from these. Half of you didn’t make it, but I’m sure it will be good. Will keep you updated!