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  • The 50-minute semi-live album Mew with Copenhagen Philharmonic will be released next week (December 14th), but you can have a little read about it now on our reviews-page. Here’s the direct link to the…

  • Last week the Frengers 15th Anniversary Tour kicked off in Mexico. Apart from the exclusive “teaser” full-length show at Stengade back in May, the following ten shows in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia were…

  • Joensuu, Finland (July 14, 2017)

    The second oldest (since 1971) rock festival in Finland finally saw Mew performing on one of their stages, and the massive tent was packed right from the start. Funnily enough,…

  • “Many of the highlights here reflect positivity through pumped up choruses and buoyant swirls of synths and voices. In lieu of robust guitar lines, songs are padded out with sparkling keys set to slow attack and…

  • Twist Quest, the new music video from Visuals has been uploaded on Mew’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

  • With the previous album Mew managed to tour Australia for the first time and it looks like they will up their game even more when Visuals tour kicks off. We have no record of Mew ever playing in Thailand before…

  • MewX is giving you a chance to meet the band in person during the upcoming European tour! If you are a ticket holder to at least one of the following shows, continue reading:

    17 May: Paradiso, Amsterdam,…

  • We talk so much
    And I feel like I know you
    You say what it costs
    And I play and define you
    Oh God
    Don’t care so much
    For a start leave it out
    Are we decided? Decided?
    Or leaving out too much?

    We don’t have…

  • The second track from the upcoming Visuals album was released today. Some of you in the more Eastern parts of the globe were listening to it last night already, but it should be available on Spotify and iTunes…

  • So, who’s going to the February 9th Copenhagen Phil shows? Show #1 or #2 or both? I think I will go to both of them.

  • Oh referee
    Carry me to safety
    I can tell
    I can tell you wish me well
    There is someone mouthing:
    Give them hell!
    Give them hell until the bell

    As I run, I wave to everyone
    To each and every…

  • Mew have just announced that their seventh studio album is called Visuals. Sounds simple, but anyone who’s ever been to a Mew concert knows that it’s quite a perfect title. In fact, Jonas Bjerre has been working…

    • First, I was completely surprised to see that Mew released a new song and will be releasing a new album. It’s an epic surprise.

      With that said, the song is great. I hear shades of The Police in the guitar riff during the verses (Every Breath You Take). Also, is that a saxophone at the end? I love it. I’m not surprised to read that it will end the album. It’s grandiose like Rows except in half the running length.

    • Oddo replied
      3 years ago

      Spotting a Mew song is quite an easy job: you get confused by the intro, then the reff took you by surprise, slowly going in a straight line and all of a sudden switching the direction until the song ended and left you amazed.
      ‘Carry Me To Safety’ is a bold single coming from a rock band who released their first album after 6 years, just 2 years later. The fact that this is the last song on the tracklist proves that Mew wanted the audience to embrace the ending first before starting their very own new journey.

    • With these news of Visuals arriving so soon, I am even more looking forward to the phil concert! I Kinda like “Carry Me To Safety”, the intro is perfectly nice, (reminds me of E.A.R. by Kashmir) but then i don’t know what happens. I will have to listen to it again and again before loving it (surprise!). I’m so amazed by the concept of generating visuals first, and then interpreting them into music afterwords. The fact that each song is just as much visual art as music makes me very happy, as i have always loved Jonas Bjerre’s backdrops at concerts! And another thing: maybe the song Ay Ay Ay is the “aya yayaya ayaya” Jonas sings in the video “Mew in Sicily” (when I see tomorrow) I SERTAINLY HOPE SO! 🙂

    • For me, it usually takes some listening to really appreciate and care for new music by Mew. The first listen didn’t give me much other than it was a nice song. But then, as you listen for the fourth and fifth time, the layers unfold and you’re starting to get the lyrics. And then it’s just there, in your head, growing, pinching your emotions… Beautiful…

  • This is the second Summer festival announced for Mew so far. This July they will play at Ilosaarirock in the town of Joensuu, Finland, and it is the first time that Mew perform there. Mew will be one of the main…

  • Our website first saw the light of day on June 15th, 2006. Some of you may remember it. Internet is very different now than ten years ago, so what you are looking at right now is already the fifth version of MewX and…

  • Because we don’t want you to be guessing, here are the lyrics for Count to Ten, a song written specifically for the Transformers project, so don’t expect this track to be on the upcoming album. Jonas is happy to […]

  • Osaka, Japan (November 27, 2015)

    Let me start by saying that “soma” is also a Finnish word – meaning something sweet, cute, pretty. Soma, the venue, was really not that “kawaii” to be properly named such in my […]

  • Anyone going to the Japanese shows? I’d like to meet up with some people in front of Tsutaya O-East… Mewの東京公演Tsutaya O-Eastに行く人はいますか?そして、そこで私と会いたい人はいませんか?

  • It is extremely rare that Mew is announced to play a show on such short notice, though this had been rumoured for weeks now. The band will play Korea once again and the venue will be AX Hall in Seoul. It is a hall […]

    • I am truly happy with the fact that they will visit one more but what if they would have had their own show!
      Anyway I am so happy!

    • That is one ugly poster, btw. I’m no AD, but I’d make a better one with correct “infomation”.

    • It is cancelled..because of ticket sales…. for christ’s sake!

    • can someone clarify why it says this has been canceled? the post in ‘upcoming events’ says it and the entire festival has been canceled but i can’t find this info anywhere else…

    • @webmaster Ann, I would like to ask that you please delete the explanation above.
      There hasn’t been any notice posted in English yet, and it’s possible that they won’t even write one up, period.
      Sean Patrick Maylone (aka the absolute worst promoter in South Korea) is currently using a really cowardly excuse.
      YB (aka Yoon Do-hyun Band) and Sean organized this festival together, but ultimately, YB was screwed over by Sean.

      @axion Tuol, I’m sorry. Even if Mew books another show in Korea in the future, it’ll most likely be at a festival. It’ll be really difficult for them to book a headlining gig.
      It’ll also be difficult to see Mew in Korea again, period. It just happened that they lucked out with Pentaport Rock Festival this past summer.
      I recommend you keep an eye out for GigGuideKorea’s posts from now on.
      GigGuideKorea is currently working on trying to get at least Neon Indian back to Korea on Nov. 28th. Mm… Now I see. The Neon Indian gig this Saturday has also been cancelled. –
      Mew won’t be able to come to Korea this time.

      • Ah yeah I read that they cancelled because they didn’t sell enough presale tickets? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

        Korea has a pretty shameful history with organizing shows for big foreign bands and this kind of thing will just perpetuate the lack of good shows here. Really a shame

    • @axion Sean has always been this way. I wasn’t surprised in the least when I heard this got cancelled. To be honest, I was actually relieved because it meant Sean wouldn’t be working with Mew anymore. This isn’t the first show he’s cancelled by any means, and it won’t be the last.

      South Korea isn’t a big market for music. I can see that even as a Korean myself. And since there isn’t much of a market here, it isn’t possible to have lots of concerts.
      Sadly, I don’t think this fact will ever change.
      I personally think the fact that Mew has come to Korea two times is already a lot.
      If you look at it as objectively as possible, Korea is simply a country that, if lucky enough, a band will stop by when they have schedules in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. I’ve already resigned myself to this fact. If you wanted to see a lot of concerts in Asia, you would have been much better off going to Japan rather than Korea.

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