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MewX Podcast Season 1 Wrap-Up Feat. Jonas Bjerre January 27, 2019 by Oddvar Røste

After covering 11 songs from Mew’s back catalog, we’re wrapping up the first season of The MewX Podcast. We’re lucky enough to get help from Mew’s lead singer, Jonas Bjerre, who answers a lot of questions we had about the songs we’ve covered so far.

Have you always wondered what is sung in the opening of Introducing Palace Players, or who the Palace Players even are? Why are there so many versions of I Should Have Been A Tsin-Tsi (For You)? Why have they not played The Seething Rain Weeps For You live? What is the inspiration behind Louise Louisa? This and much more is answered in this week’s episode.

We also get into the hidden mixtape Jonas made for us, which can be found at the end of Episode #008 – She Came Home For Christmas. This includes a lot of previously unreleased material, and is a real gem for every Mew fan.

Track Listing:

  1. Sport Master part 1 (Silas and Jonas free jam in Venice Beach in 2004)
  2. Nervous (straight up version)
  3. Happy Jazz Jam
  4. Girl’s voice from the woods
  5. Carry Me To Safety verse (demo)
  6. Water Slides (excerpt, early very different version)
  7. Number 5 In The Sky, The Doc And The Prof Up So High (5th floor, Singapore)
  8. My Complications (excerpt, recording glockenspiel)
  9. Sport Master part 2 (Silas and Jonas free jam in Venice Beach in 2004)
  10. I Am Shaky (early demo from 2004, later changed into part for Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy)
  11. Making Friends (otherworld version)
  12. Recording Of Intro, Self-Oscillation from South By SouthWest show in 2015
  13. I Am Shaky (as sung by Mari Helgerlikova, demo version 2008)

Photo Credit: Sasha Ryabina

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  • Does anyone have their own Mew ‘best of’ playlist? I ask because I like making playlists, and I often notice compilation albums bands will release. I personally found Eggs Are Funny to be pretty underwhelming, in all aspects. Certain tracks I expected to make it on a compilation album, like Apocalypso or Cartoons, didn’t make it, while…[Read more]

    • I like this! I also found Eggs AreFunny disappointing (though that band photo of them on the back cover in those creepy hood garments is so amazing, I want it on a big poster!). Songs like Cartoons and Rows are challenging, but superlative examples of a band going EPIC. And you’ve got to have the perfect trilogy of Apocalypso/Special/Zookeeper in…[Read more]

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