Call for Frengers Art — April 18, 2014 — 12:03 am

As we all know, Frengers are a very creative bunch. Over the years there has been a huge body of fan artwork inspired by Mew’s lyrics and imagery. In addition to a full archive of the mighty Frenger comic “Mew and the Swanky Magicians“, one of the features we will be adding to the new version of this site is a gallery containing a sampling of amazing Frenger artistic talent. (In case you have not yet seen it, or wish to revisit it, Mew has their own album of Frenger-created art on their Facebook page.)

If you have created some Mew-related artwork and would like to share it with us, please send a high-resolution image to webmaster at mewx dot info containing the following information (if known):

  • Title of Artwork
  • Artist Name
  • Medium (oil painting, digital painting, tattoo, etc)
  • Dimensions (if physical art)
  • Year Created



Comforting Sounds by Ann Lancaster, 36″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2013


Mew Journal Archive — April 12, 2014 — 12:24 am

We are very hard at work creating a brand new website for you guys, and it is going very well! Thank you for your patience, we promise it will be well worth the wait. While you are awaiting the arrival of the new site, we have a little Mew treat for you guys today.

We have collected up as many of the old Mew journal entries as we could from previous incarnations of the mewsite and MySpace between the years 2002 and 2008 (when Mew began posting updates on their Facebook page.) Think of it as the pre-social-media era blogging. I’m sure many of you have not seen this content before, so hopefully it is a nice surprise.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine and several lovely Frengers who have saved their own archives, we have been able to capture about half of the images that were included in the original posts, but many seem to have slipped through the cracks of the very ephemeral internet. If you happen to have any of the missing images, please send them our way.


Mew Journal Archive

Note: You can also find posts from the years 2008-2009 on the Remewbrance Tumblr blog. (We may add these to this site at a later date, but at this time they are also still live on Facebook.)


‘Frengers’ Vinyl Release Date — April 7, 2014 — 4:08 pm

Mew‘s third album (first international, really) Frengers will be re-released on vinyl this June. What makes this particularly exciting is the fact that two songs included have never been available on vinyl.


This is what Shop Radio Cast has to say about the album:

Frengers is the third album by Danish band Mew, originally released in April 2003. The title is a portmanteau of the words friend and stranger. A frenger is a person who is “not quite a friend but not quite a stranger” according to the album’s accompanying booklet.

Six of the album’s ten tracks were previously included on Mew’s first two albums Half The World Is Watching Me and A Triumph For Man, both of which saw only limited release until they were subsequently rereleased internationally, but were rerecorded for Frengers. The other four are original recordings. The song “Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years” features vocals from Swedish singer Stina Nordenstam and “Symmetry” features vocals from 14 year old Georgian Becky Jarrett. The Japanese version of Frengers also included the rerecordings of earlier songs, “I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)” and “Wherever“.”

Check this link also.

The presale is on at Shop Radio Cast and the price is USD 29,99 for each of the three available editions (two of them are limited to 500 and 1000 copies).

Am I Wry? No
Snow Brigade

Behind The Drapes
Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years

Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
She Came Home For Christmas
She Spider

Comforting Sounds
Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You) (Bonus Track)
herever (Bonus Track)


“Somebody Waiting For You” — March 10, 2014 — 9:58 pm

On July 4th, 2012 I sat down at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen, where Mew played their first live show since the now legendary Opera gigs in 2010. It was a small intimate show (when speaking of Mew on Danish ground) and was meant as a “warm-up” gig for their performance at Roskilde Festival three days later.

I was proper excited as nobody really knew where Mew were in the process of making the new record, and it had been two years after all. I expected quite a lot of new material. Well, as time has shown Mew weren’t quite as far in the process as I thought, but we did get two new songs that evening. Klassen and then Boy, which this article is all about.

A stereo-pinging hard synth started sounding from the speakers and Mew went onto the stage for the first time in years. This was new material, and oh boy – it gave me the shivers. Boy was in a lot of ways a return towards the sound and mood of And the Glass Handed Kites. It had the funky rhythm of Special with Bastian Juel and Silas Graae running the show, while Bo Madsen operates in between the beat with his stellar high notes. At the same time it contains the grandiosity of Saviours of Jazz Ballet or An Envoy To the Open Fields pushing Jonas Bjerre’s voice towards its full power.


Due to extreme secrecy regarding the upcoming Roskilde Festival show three days later, photo taking was not allowed at the Bremen show, so only some YouTube videos exist.

The structure of the song is the kind that Mew do really well. It’s always giving the impression of being a pop-song with a regular verse/chorus orientation, but it’s really not. I remember the intro (which is not to be found online anywhere) as being quite stark and it’s not repeated for the rest of the song, while the song ends in its most calm state with synth pads and Jonas quietly finishing off his lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics: the intro line “Shut up, boy” must be just one of two occurrences of cursing I can recall besides the first version of She Came Home For Christmas where Jonas sings “he fucks her”.

Another fun fact is that Boy actually had visuals from its very first live play. An owl, which might already have been around since 2009, was rocking its head from side to side following the beat. Jonas has often tried to tell how much time the animations actually take to make, so it was a surprise that Boy even had one. Though, one might argue that it was simple compared to the time it must have taken him to make the animations for White Lips Kissed or Comforting Sounds and especially Louise Louisa which at the time (at least) had been his most time-consuming effort.

While it’d be very wrong to say that No More Stories is a happy record as such, it’s still quite more uplifting than And the Glass Handed Kites. A hypothesis after the Bremen show could have been that Mew were taking a notch back in mood direction towards Kites, which made me quite happy on that particular evening. It’d be naïve of me to claim that the hypothesis would hold water today though. Bo stating on several occasions that the new album is like a collection of children – each with its own personality and Making Friends would be the major argument against such a thought.

So what is the future of Boy then? I have my doubts that the track exists in the same way today as it did back in 2012. I believe Boy might have played the same role as Do You Love It? when its intro was performed back at BeatDay and two other shows in 2007. I think they’ve both been acting as a kind of catalyst for the creating of a new record. It has probably helped pushing Mew in new directions they are constantly searching for, but the fact that they haven’t been playing it at last Summer’s shows might give a hint that it’s not making it onto the record. Maybe we will see a new recorded version of it someday as was also the case with Do You Love It?, but with Mew you never really know. What we do know is that the band has written a few different versions of this song, but for now Frengers will have to do with a couple of bad YouTube recordings and their memory of the song.

By the years I’ve learned to love all the speculation and expectation building when waiting for Mew’s new albums. I guess it’s a developed defense tactic, because the wait is really long, but Mew should always know that somebody is waiting for them – me included.

Frederik Voss


MewX Instagram — March 5, 2014 — 6:24 pm


We now have an Instagram account! Make friends with @mewxinfo at We will be posting fun Frenger creations and photos from live events across the world.


Mewsite / MewX Relaunch — February 11, 2014 — 9:32 am

After a long hiatus, Mewsite is being relaunched very soon. Look for the new version within days rather than weeks – Surely Mew will immediately notify you about it. As 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the band, this fansite is also undergoing a complete redesign with plenty of fun new features. We will be ready by April, and we’ll keep on posting news normally until then. Good times.



Newly Added Lyrics — December 10, 2013 — 6:21 am

This has been a long project for this website. We are still missing lyrics for a few Mew tracks, but you can now find a bunch of newly added official ones from our Discography section. Jonas Bjerre sent these lyrics, so the source is most trustworthy. You may now entirely forget the erroneous ones circulating online, and – even in the future – always check here first, as we only publish confirmed lyrics. Today’s long-awaited additions are Animals of Many Kinds, City Voices, Ending, In Time Do You Forget (Daydream), Misplaced, Safe As Houses, Say You’re Sorry, Succubus and Wherefore Are You Not There?.

“Husky glow
The moon hangs low
Saturn in retrograde
Monkey cage
Dimly lit now late at night

Polar bears
Swimming in the green collide
They’re not safe”

It’s fun reading the lyrics for b-sides like the children’s song Animals of Many Kinds that later became The Zookeeper’s Boy or the more serious In Time Do You Forget (Daydream) that found its place in the heartbreaking finale of Louise Louisa. For many bands these b-sides would have been perfectly fine as they are, but Mew do things differently…


Official ‘Making Friends’ Lyrics — November 28, 2013 — 11:12 pm

We have added the official lyrics of Making Friends to our Discography section. The song has now been confirmed to (at least) all Nordic countries’ and North America’s Spotify, but it should be available globally any time now. As Mew already told you, the song will also be downloadable within a week.

The band is in Russia now and the shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow will be the last of 2013. They are designing a completely new visual performance and it is currently being tested. This new design will be seen live next year.


Listen To ‘Making Friends’ — November 25, 2013 — 5:23 pm

Mew wants to thank you for your patience. This is not the version of Making Friends that you will eventually hear on the album, but call it Version I that is still 4:36 in length (a whole two minutes longer than on the app). Version II will be the one on the album. This link is for Danish Spotify only, but it is currently being released globally. Look for it.

Also, the band members have made playlists of their favourite tracks and those can be found from the band’s Spotify profile.


First Norwegian Show For 2014 — November 17, 2013 — 2:12 pm

Mew have been very popular in Norway for more than a decade. During that timeframe, they have sold over 65,000 albums there as well as played a large number of live shows. Blåfrostfestivalen seems to be Mew’s first Norwegian show in 2014 and although it is a festival, it’s an indoor show, as the February date suggests. New music will be heard…

The link above, and some alarming readers, say that the show is already sold out.

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